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Ten Years of Excellence 2004-2014

Maggie Blue and Hoi Chiu have been co creating multimedia theatre since 2004. Now an internationally acclaimed theatre company, All Theatre Art Association celebrates their tenth anniversary as innovative and daring designers of dance, drama, original music, puppets, mask, sand painting, film and video.

Sand Art performances by HOI CHIU

Mesmerizing, live Images in sand, choreographed to music

Hoi Chiu is not simply a visual artist.

As an accomplished dancer, actor, director and show producer he brings all these skills with him when he performs. Hoi Chiu's shows are carefully choreographed specifically for each event, taking into consideration clients’ needs, creativity, innovation, entertainment value and attention to detail.

Some past clients include Blackberry, Yahoo!, Giorgio Armani, Genting Hong Kong Limited, Haagen Dazs, China Visa, Bally Shoes, NEO, AUDI, TAG Heuer, Baume and Mercier, Banyan Tree Resorts and Philips Lighting. His sand painting bookings now extend into 2016. There are several places online where you can see Hoi Chiu perform, such as Eason Chan's music video, and the 2010 ATV commercials awards night.

We are open to new ideas and price negotiations. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly by email at


Hoi Chiu - Sand Art

Hoi Chiu - my kimchi is my hands

Hoi Chiu - Sand Art

  Hoi Chiu - Sand Art