Maggie Blue O'Hara

Maggie Blue O’Hara

Maggie Blue O'Hara and her husband, Hoi Chiu, founded their multimedia performance company, All Theatre Art Association (ATAA) in 2004. Based in Hong Kong, ATAA has successfully created and performed original shows internationally, as well as producing one-of-a-kind exclusive events for parties and corporate clients.

Maggie Blue's wide-ranging skills include:

Actress and Singer


Puppeteer and Clown

Cabaret Artist
Fire Dancer

Teacher and Facilitator

Born in British Columbia, Canada, Maggie has been involved in the performing arts since childhood, appearing in numerous stage productions, CBC radio dramas, and North American television series such as X-Files, Cold Squad, and The L Word.

While living in Vancouver, she was one of Canada's top voice artists. In addition to the role of Kitty Pryde on WB KIDS X-Men: Evolution, Maggie Blue provided character voices for many popular Japanese animation series such as Dragon Ball Z, Inuyasha, CardCaptors and she was Juna in the English-language version of Earth Girl Arjuna.

Maggie continues to be in demand for English-language voice work in Hong Kong and is an Acting Mentor at International Academy of Film and Television in HK.

After several years of dance training, she began choreographing original contemporary dance, in both Canada and Hong Kong. Her innovative performances range from sensuous and playful to spiritual and sacred. She has been developing her interest in creating multimedia dance theatre since 1999.

Maggie Blue loves to blend performing arts with holistic lifestyle skills: yoga, meditation, ecstatic dance, nature walks and organic living.

She is currently focused on writing and choreographing new shows for All Theatre and creating her first  album of original music.